Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"This Place Matters"

A very thoughtful group got together this afternoon in Concord for the first brainstorming session on the state’s new preservation plan. Attendees enjoyed refreshments, did a little non-plan business, and pinpointed their favorite historical places on a map of the state. Focusing on the day’s topic, the group also worked on answering these questions:

1. What are our success stories over the last five years?

2. What are the social, economic, political, legal and environmental trends that impact these resources – for better and for worse?

3. Where are the information gaps? Resources, tools, policies or programs?

4. What are the goals and objectives for the next five years? And beyond?

Later posts will summarize the discussions in Concord; right now see the comments below for some of the most special places in the state.


PJM said...

Congratulations on a great start!

Anonymous said...

Monson Village -- one of the earliest towns in southern NH, preserved from a proposed housed development by many partners. A beautiful community resources.

EHM said...

Bath Covered Bridge -- one of the oldest covered bridges in the US, recently damaged by ice dams.

Anonymous said...

Neat ideas & synergy today. Best observation: "the way it was" by Linda Ray Wilson.

Just look at the DHR pic slide show & see what has happened over 30 young yrs & imagine ... our energized & strategic collaboration for special NH places ...

Nice to be a volunteer working with all of you.

MKR said...

This quote, from the recent issue of Preservation magazine,* sums up one of the ideas raised last night"
"It's ... valid to view preservation in more intimate terms, as a desire to maintain a link to that which has become meaningful to us, which still stirs our memories, which helps explain who we are. This isn't sentimentality. It's reverence."

*Reed Karaim, "The Winter of Mayville's Discontent," p 41.

Nadine said...

Looking forward to another great session in Keene on Monday May 3! Hope to see everyone there!

Anonymous said...

Other favorite historic places preserved, worth preserving or being used:
Woodsville Train Station - apts upstairs, Party Store downstairs;
Woodsville Opera Block - Elderly Housing; Covered Bridge Park (Covered Bridge from Woodsville to Bath, newly renovated);
Old County Court House on South Court Street in Woodsville - in private ownership, needs some repairs, someone living upstairs; Bishops B&B in Lisbon; Large red barns along NH 302 between Lisbon & Landaff; Most of the downtown Bath Village; Small old village area just north of the Bath Village down the hill (I am sure it has an official name); the old mostly brown 3+ story farm house in Lisbon, right before the Tic Tac Towing garage; the train station & farm houses and red barns right after the Tic Tac Towing garage & the open fields on both sides of the road where large flocks of turkies strut and fret their hours upon the stage. I will add more later.