Thursday, May 27, 2010


Seeing as this is a weekend of memory, Monday a day of honoring those who have died in defense of this nation, whose history and story preservationists work to protect, what memorials does your town have?

Do you have a bridge to honor veterans?  Which war?

Are there holes in your historic fabric?  Buildings and sites whose presence is missed?

Are the cemeteries in your town decorated for Memorial Day?  Do you have a cemetery commission who cares for these places?

Is there a statue in town commemorating soldiers who served?  For which wars?  How does your community treat that statue today?

Please tell us about the memorials in your community in the comments.

As we remember those who have fought to protect, let us also remember what they fought to preserve.

For more history of Memorial Day, please visit the Library of Congress website.

[Photos: NH 14th Regiment Flags; Portsmouth, Memorial Bridge plaque; Concord, Railroad Station; Center Sandwich, Cemetery; Candia, Soldiers Memorial]

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Anonymous said...

Mike Pride's observations in today's Monitor: "What A Disgrace" about the Old North Cemetery, are a compelling clarion call.

He is as passionate about history as when recording future history as a full-time journalist-editor.