Friday, July 30, 2010

Gold Stars and More Questions

It has taken the DHR quite a few weeks to digest all of the information gathered in our five public brainstorming sessions across the state. Attendance at the sessions was terrific, and everyone came prepared to contribute. Gold stars go especially to our Littleton attendees, who exhausted our facilitator, Stephen Gianotti, and note taker, Mary Kate Ryan, with eight pages of success stories, challenges and goals! Wondering what others said in sessions elsewhere? Click on the tab above for “Public Brainstorming Sessions” to see all 32 pages of notes.

Although all of the information gathered will be reflected in the state’s next five plan, we’ve condensed the 32 pages into themes to create a short questionnaire. Please check your email inboxes shortly for the link to the questionnaire and send in your response before August 27th. The sooner the better!  We are estimating that it will take less than ten minutes to respond.

Another way to spread the message is to forward it on to your email lists or listservs. We are hoping for a diverse and large number of questionnaire responses, and appreciate your help in sending it on to others.

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